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View Verano Stylo Video Testimonial by Steve Norman.

Bowen Grazier, Steve Norman speaks on his experiences using ENVIROGRO® Verano Stylo for the first time
· ENVIROGRO® pelleted seed is a fully patented seed technology process exclusive to Southedge Seeds, that involves the removal of the husk or glume from tropical pastures seeds.
· The caryopses are then graded to an extremely high quality removing all inert matter and weed seeds, at which time extensive analysis is undertaken to examine seed purity and germination.
· Once satisfied that the seed is of suitable quality, the caryopses are then pelleted with a protective coat, to provide insulation against insect attack, climatic conditions during storage as well as providing increased planting properties, something that is traditionally difficult with seed in its raw state.
· Because of the overall characteristics of tropical pasture seed, when the outside husk or glume is removed from the seed, seed dormancy is considerably reduced, thereby improving the overall establishment in the first year when compared with raw seed and other coated seed products.
· All legumes that are treated with the ENVIROGRO® pelleted seed technology are treated with their specific Rhizobium, to allow for a greater chance of nitrogen fixation, especially in harsh sowing environments.

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ENVIROGRO Katambora Rhodes, Middle East

ENVIROGRO® Katambora Rhodes, Middle East

envirogro Jarra grass
envirogro Gayndah Buffel
envirogro Humidicola

ENVIROGRO® Jarra grass

ENVIROGRO® Gayndah Buffel

ENVIROGRO® Humidicola

envirogro Katambora Rhodes
envirogro Gamba Grass
envirogro Caatinga Stylo

ENVIROGRO® Katambora Rhodes

ENVIROGRO® Gamba Grass

ENVIROGRO® Caatinga Stylo



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